Mumbai Nashik Taxi Service

Mumbai Nashik Taxi Tour and Travel Packages from Dadar, Andheri, Navi Mumbai, Vashi

Outstation Rate Chart and Taxi Fare

 Location   IndicaIndigoDzireVeritoManzaEtiosErtigaEnjoyInnova
Mumbai - Nashik 220024002400240025002500300030003800
Nashik- Mumbai220024002400240025002500300030003800
Nashik  - Pune400043004500450048004800550055006200
Pune - Nashik400043004500450048004800550055006200

Local Rate Chartand Taxi Fare

 Vehicle Name 8 hrs/80 kmExtra hrsExtra kmOutstationPer day min averageDriver/allowance
IndigoRs. 1800Rs. 100Rs. 12Rs. 12300kmRs.250
DzireRs. 2000Rs. 150Rs. 12Rs. 13300kmRs.250
VeritoRs. 1800Rs. 150Rs. 12Rs. 12300kmRs.250
EtiosRs. 2000Rs. 150Rs. 12Rs. 13300kmRs.250
ManzaRs. 2000Rs. 150Rs. 12Rs. 13300kmRs.250
ErtigaRs. 2500Rs. 150Rs. 13Rs. 13300kmRs.250
EnjoyRs. 2500Rs. 150Rs. 13Rs. 13300kmRs.250
InnovaRs. 2500Rs. 200Rs. 15Rs. 14300kmRs.250

***The rates mentioned above are Excluding Toll & Parking Charges.